Somatic Movement Exercise


Do you suffer from muscular pain? Do you spend a long time sitting at a computer? Do you have an occupation that involves repetitive movements? Do you think pain is an inevitable part of aging?
Would you like to move more easily?
Somatic Movement Exercises, based on the work of Thomas Hanna, help you identify tight contracted muscles that lead to pain and teach you how to relax them. The result is freer pain free movement. You can feel young again!

Somatic Movement Exercise is a proven neuro-muscular re-education system designed to gain greater voluntary control over one’s habitually held tight muscles.  It is these tight muscles that lead to chronic muscular pain particularly of the back, shoulders, neck and hips. The practice of Somatic Movement Exercise can put an end to such chronic muscular pain using gentle, safe, effective exercises.  The exercises involve ‘pandiculation’ of muscles by contracting them, then very slowly lengthening and releasing out of the contraction followed by allowing them to relax completely.

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