What to expect

What to expect in a Somatic Yoga Class

My classes usually start with a time of settling or focus. This is often done lying down but can also be done sitting or standing. It gives you a chance to quieten your mind and bring your focus to your body and breath.

There is then a time spent preparing the body with Somatic Movement Exercises to release tight or tense muscles, to bring more freedom to the body and to deepen the breath in preparation for stronger postures or ‘asanas’.

The postures can be held individually or worked together into a sequence of movements. I am interested in approaching yoga postures with as little unnecessary tension as possible, in order for your body to move more freely and in a connected way. By working this way you will be able to improve the functioning of the body for everyday life – not just your yoga practice.

The classes usually contain a period of quiet breathing or meditation to further still the mind, and concludes with a time of relaxation for the whole body and mind.