Testimonials about Somatic Exercises

‘Having suffered intermittent back pain over the past two years I was very interested in doing the somatic course. Learning how to relax and re-educate my back muscles has meant I haven’t experienced any back pain since doing the course.
I still do the exercises, sometimes less frequently than I’d like, but for me the course was 100% successful.
Many thanks Jane.’

‘I’ve endured tension headaches for a number of years, usually caused by being hunched over a computer keyboard for long periods of time. Jane’s neck and shoulder somatic exercise class has taught me not only where I’m holding tension but more importantly how to release the muscles.
Driving home after each session it was noticeable how both my shoulders were able to relax against the back of my seat.
Many thanks’

‘Thank you. Turned up to class feeling pretty good last night. It was only afterwards when, the only way I can describe is to say I wasn’t aware of my spine, that I realised how tension and mild discomfort has become the norm. The class totally released it and I felt “new!” This is such a valuable technique!!’

‘Thank you for introducing me to Somatic exercises. I’ve enjoyed the classes and found it easy to practise them at home. I find that I’m more conscious of the ways that I tighten muscles sometimes and use the exercises to ease muscles after gardening. I intend to continue practising to keep mobile as I get older’

‘I have been practicing somatic exercises for the past month with Jane as my teacher, and I am so glad I decided to join the class.  Jane demonstrates each exercise and includes instructions for us to follow at home. The exercises get easier to do with practice, and I am finding that I look forward to them and enjoy doing them every day.  I have noticed an improvement in my suppleness already.  This has led to an overall feeling of lightness which has made it possible for me to be more active generally.   I would definitely recommend trying these classes’

‘I would highly recommend this course to anyone…even if you do not suffer with back pain, as it teaches you to really listen to your body and how to effectively release any muscle tension. Jane is a highly qualified and skilled teacher….her groups are small and you get  individual personal attention in order to get the very best from the course. Thanks Jane’