My feedback for the first set of classes that started in September is that I very much enjoyed them. They have helped me to feel more aware of balance/evenness or lack of it in my body. It was good to learn new exercises that I can practice at home, particularly helpful were the shoulder Somatics and the daily cat stretch. I also like how you combine Somatics and yoga.



I started yoga 25 years ago but gave up due to lack of babysitter and work commitments – this was the worst thing I did! I rejoined yoga in Jane’s class last year, as I had been feeling very stressed not to say also older and less flexible. I have really enjoyed the classes – her quiet but relaxed methods have given me confidence that even though I am not as young as before I can work at my own pace. The relaxation and breathing has been so helpful in managing day to day life. I even practice at home and on holiday!!! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of their life and feel better in the long run.


I have been attending Jane’s classes for the last 9 years and after having tried other yoga classes, I can honestly say that Jane’s style of teaching is what makes her, in my opinion, one of the best I have come across! My flexibility and overall fitness have greatly improved and maintained during this time and also her class has proved to be invaluable in helping reduce my stress and anxiety levels, during a very challenging time in my life.
I thoroughly recommend Jane’s class and I personally wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!